3R have been invaluable to the set-up and ongoing support of AG-Search. From initial investigative conversation through to continued operational support 12 months later, 3R have been fantastic.

With 10+ years pre-existing experience and success in larger corporate recruitment environments I had a clear vision to form a business providing tailored, expert and more engaged search delivery in niche skill set areas across markets.

I had a wealth of recruiting and management experience. However ,this was built within environments with established and large-scale back office support functions (CRM systems, IT, finance, legal, compliance etc). Setting up ‘on your own’ is exhilarating but can also be quite daunting, creating a huge set of new responsibilities with potential to distract from what you do best and costly if done wrong.

3R provide technology, service and personalised support to allow you to you to take full ownership of all areas of your business but add tools and expertise to alleviate some of this workload. You get the genuine sense of a ‘partner’ Back Office team with vested interest in your personal success and business growth. A special thanks to Kim De’ath who has been on hand to solve all (of many!) questions.

Specific parts of the business—

Business set up – You have your business plan and are ready to get to work, but how do you?: Register a LTD company, design, create and host a website, create business email addresses, select an accountant, get access to online advertising, ensure your business has the correct insurances and is compliant, create robust and legally sound TOBs, the list goes on……  3R had expertise and solutions or could provide guidance / industry introduction in all of these areas.

CRM – 3R provide a bespoke, cloud-hosted CRM with full training and support, meaning I can work from anywhere in the safe knowledge the platform is managed 24/7 (I wouldn’t know where to start with an IT issue!). It’s a great system, with all the features you need as an expert recruiter and none of the over-developed complexities you don’t!

Account Support – Beyond just providing the technical services, the 3R team are consistently available and happy to assist in any way they can, with as much or as little input as you desire. A prime example being the recent GDRP regulation implementation. Far from being left to deal with this by yourself (who knew where to start?!?), 3R provided consultative guidance and planning throughout – something I didn’t expect but was extremely thankful for!

For anyone thinking of taking the step to set-up their own recruitment business I would highly recommend talking to 3R.

3R have been invaluable

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