Peaple Talent

We caught up with Karl Sweatman of Peaple Talent, an experienced IT Recruiter who took the leap to start up his own agency 18 months ago with financial and back-office support from 3R.

Working with 3R gave Karl a lot of flexibility to choose what products and services he needed along the way, a truly tailored approach that’s enables him to grow his team to 6 full-time employees already.


What were your biggest concerns when deciding to start-up a recruitment business?

“My first questions was ‘Can I do it?’ I’d spent a lot of time managing teams and had been a bit hands-off from billing for a while. I knew that being a business owner would mean that everything falls to me and in previous roles I’d had a big support network and infrastructure, so I spent a lot of time researching and looking into different back office suppliers and potential business backers. This was how I found 3R and other providers and spoke to them about their varying levels of support.”

Why did you choose to work with 3R?

“The real reason I picked 3R was because the team had hands on experience of recruitment. Mike had a lot of experience; working his way up in recruitment and had ‘been and done it’. I could tell 3R really understood the journey I was about take.”

What was the most valuable support during the onboarding of your business?

“The team are always on the end of the phone and nothing ever seemed too much trouble. They are always helpful and reliable.”


Did you consider using the 3R CRM?

“Having used and really liking Bullhorn, I decided to stay with that system. 3R fully supported my decision and have recently integrated Bullhorn with their back-office which is perfect for me. It makes moving between the two totally seamless!”

How does the 3R Back-office support your start-up business?

“The 3R back-office is intuitive and simple to use. It allows me to concentrate on making money; not worry about credit checks, timesheets, invoicing and credit control.”

What are the top 3 benefits from partnering with 3R?

“The big benefit to me in the early days was the option to finance my perm placements if I needed to – it really helped with cash flow. The team are really flexible and genuinely want to support me to succeed. And the back-office makes it quick to see where you’re at with clients paying on time and that easily accessible financial data helps me make day-to-day decisions.”


What additional support did you get from 3R?

“Mike and the team are always on the end of the phone, offering sound advice and giving me someone to bounce ideas off. That was my biggest fear when moving from the corporate world; without 3R’s support it would’ve been a lot more daunting.”

How did working with 3R help you grow your agency?

“Within 18 months I have a headcount of 6 (5x 360 Recruiters and 1 Marketing). Working with 3R saved me time and enabled me to focus. As a business owner I am aware of but don’t have to worry about processes and compliance. Our contractors and clients really like the systems too – I’ve had no complaints as it works seamlessly.”

What is your biggest piece of advice to a Start-up?

Speak to people, research and get advice, there will always be reasons why you shouldn’t. So just believe in yourself and do it!”

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