The ultimate Website QA checklist for recruitment websites

Testing your website to ensure it delivers an excellent user experience and represents your brand well to your customers, can be overwhelming. 

You can use our checklist to focus your testing with...

  • Key quality assurance steps and milestones
  • Tips to ensure a seamless user experience
  • Best practice for quality assurance during and after the launch of your website


What can 3R offer your recruitment start up?

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Funding & Back Office

Our flexible, 100% funding and intuitive back-office platform compliantly manages contractor timesheets, invoicing, payroll, and credit control.

Our daily payroll service ensures contractors are paid quickly and securely.

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Support Services

Whether you're a lifestyle recruiter or a small team of consultants who want to scale quickly - we've experienced launching and supporting them all. 

Our comprehensive bespoke service includes - Legals, Back-office & funding, Brand, Website, Office 365, and much more.

What our clients say

  • Karl Peaple Talent

    I’m committed to 3R long-term, the support and service have been amazing, with no pressure.

    3R has covered the running of the business for me, so I can have focus, peace of mind, and security.

    Karl Sweatman , Peaple Talent
  • Kwabena A.
    The whole team is extremely professional and personable and makes our lives so much easier. I cannot recommend 3R enough to any prospective existing business looking for best-in-class or new start-up wanting a secure start in trading.
    Kwabena Amaning , Third Nexus
  • Martyn H
    The back-office technology provided by 3R is extremely efficient, easy to use, and reliable. We constantly receive compliments on 3R’s systems from many clients and candidates on ease of use and speed of service. 
    Martyn Hurricks & Richard Barker , Talent Locker
  • Liam S
    The technology has, of course, made the start-up and management of the business straightforward but something that is equally important is always having someone available to answer the phone and provide support.
    Liam Squires , Heathgate Search

We've retained 98% of our client-base in the last 2 years. 

Read about our client successes and experiences of working with us here:

{hs_id=127303687075, hs_child_table_id=0, summary=We caught up with Karl Sweatman of Peaple Talent, an experienced IT Recruiter who took the leap to start up his own agency 18 months ago with financial and back-office support from 3R. , hs_updated_at=1706127823407, hs_published_at=1706128033575, link=/case-studies/peaple-talent, hs_created_by_user_id=48639872, hs_created_at=1690529457064, hs_is_edited=false, hs_deleted_at=0, name=Peaple Talent, logo={url=, width=650, height=135, altText=, type=image}, hs_updated_by_user_id=48639872}
Peaple Talent

We caught up with Karl Sweatman of Peaple Talent, an experienced IT Recruiter...

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{hs_id=127303687079, hs_child_table_id=0, summary=As a successful and driven recruiter, Liam spent a lot of time and hard work building and developing new, strong relationships with a variety of clients. However, quickly he recognised that despite his efforts, he would receive a small percentage of the fee., hs_updated_at=1690529619738, hs_published_at=1706128033575, link=/case-studies/heathgate-search, hs_created_by_user_id=48639872, hs_created_at=1690529583599, hs_is_edited=false, hs_deleted_at=0, name=Heathgate Search, logo={url=, width=974, height=1280, altText=, type=image}, hs_updated_by_user_id=48639872}
Heathgate Search

As a successful and driven recruiter, Liam spent a lot of time and hard work...

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{hs_id=127337998396, hs_child_table_id=0, summary=Catching up with the lovely team at Talent Locker to look at the fantastic growth they've experienced and how their relationship with 3R has developed since their inception in 2015., hs_updated_at=1706127832773, hs_published_at=1706128033575, link=/case-studies/talent-locker, hs_created_by_user_id=48639872, hs_created_at=1690529625244, hs_is_edited=false, hs_deleted_at=0, name=Talent Locker, logo={url=, width=265, height=91, altText=, type=image}, hs_updated_by_user_id=48639872}
Talent Locker

Catching up with the lovely team at Talent Locker to look at the fantastic...

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{hs_id=127303687071, hs_child_table_id=0, summary=It was great to check in on Cagatay Kulekci of Noktada, his brand-new, London-based recruitment agency that the 3R Start-ups team helped him to set up and grow., hs_updated_at=1690529400584, hs_published_at=1706128033575, link=/case-studies/noktada, hs_created_by_user_id=48639872, hs_created_at=1690529318987, hs_is_edited=false, hs_deleted_at=0, name=Noktada, logo={url=, width=400, height=243, altText=, type=image}, hs_updated_by_user_id=48639872}

It was great to check in on Cagatay Kulekci of Noktada, his brand-new,...

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