A truly cost-effective way to set up your new business

If you are leaving a well-paid recruitment job to start your own business, your personal finances may be tight for a while as your new company starts to generate its first invoices.

At 3R, we are conscious of a recruitment entrepreneur’s personal finances during the early months and have structured our pricing to avoid chunky set-up charges and monthly subscriptions.

Our fees simply apply to what you invoice – we only charge a fee when you are making money.

When starting a new business, it is crucial to have a detailed understanding of your costs. We are committed to clear and transparent pricing and will provide you with three clear stages to help you account for every penny.

Understand what is included

We provide a comprehensive start-up service. However, certain overheads that you may require such as office space and IT equipment are not bundled into our overall service. Before anybody signs up with 3R, we produce a personalised, detailed proposal which explains everything, and help provide budget costs for anything that is not included.

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Registration Fee

Our one-off registration fee of £400 plus VAT is chargeable upon your instruction to proceed.

3R Fees

Additional 3R fees are charged on all invoices that we administer on your behalf. Fees on perm invoices are 15% if you want us to pay you straight away or 10% for paid when paid. Finance fees for contract business are charged at 6% of total net invoice.

Too expensive? If you only need Back Office admin and factoring, please visit www.3rfinance.co.uk

Income Calculator

Use this handy tool to see how much you could be earning with 3R. Permanent consultants, simply enter your monthly number of placements and average fee.

Contract workers

Perm Placements

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Your Results

Based on the information that you have submitted, by partnering with 3R you could be earning:

Projected Contract earnings

Total Annual Margin:

Total Gross Earnings:

Projected Permanent earnings

Total Annual Fees:

Total Gross Earnings:


Combined Total Gross Earnings:

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Providing an alternative solution to garnering investment in your own recruitment business.

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Complete Guide to Starting Up

Our impartial guide to starting a recruitment business taps into years of recruitment experience to explain the pros and cons of going it alone. Is it for you? What products and services do you need? And what are your options for getting them?

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Start talking to us today. We can produce a detailed proposal, demonstrate our systems and answer any questions you may have. All discussions are confidential, advice is free of charge, and you are under no obligation. We understand that starting your own business is a big decision and we will give you the time and space to make the right decision.

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