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  • Outline of typical recruitment funding options
  • Detailed comparison checklist, to help you consider every aspect of your back-office solution
  • Killer questions to ask suppliers to ensure you cut through those sales pitches
  • Interactive supplier evaluation templates, to help you make informed decisions

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What can 3R offer your recruitment business?

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Flexible Funding

100% funding solutions for contract and permanent placements. Alongside our technology, our compliance and accounts team minimises risk and takes care of the admin:

Credit limits and insurance
Online Timesheets
Daily payroll
Invoicing & Credit Control

Whatever your current funding arrangement, our back-office platform and funding enable you to maximize your growth as well as streamline your services.

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Back Office Platform

Our secure back-office platform offers you confidence and security in real-time, it's simple to use and encourages best practice.

Ultimately providing you with a  reliable means of funding contractors and permanent placements.

Our innovative processes bring in the recruiter, client and contractor throughout, and are designed to simplify the authorisation of hours worked, invoicing, payroll and debt collection through automation.

What our clients say

  • Cagatay K

    3R’s back office is super intuitive. I’ve worked with 3R’s competitors previously and it wasn’t the case.

    Everything is 1 click away rather than 5, the dashboard has all you need but there are other ways to get to the right info, just as you need it. I said early on ‘It’s like you really understand recruitment’

    Cagatay Kulecki , Noktada
  • Anna 3.1
    The 3R back-office technology has benefited us as a company and our operational performance by simplifying much of our payroll processes - providing clear visibility and reducing the effort and turnaround times of resolving contractor and client queries significantly.
    Annalise Mackenzie-Mol , 3Point1 Consulting
  • Martyn H

    We've received countless compliments from both clients and candidates on the speed and efficiency of our back-office systems.

    By working with 3R we are able to offer contractors a 48-hour payroll service after they’ve submitted their timesheets, which is well above industry standards.

    Martyn Hurricks & Richard Barker , Talent Locker
  • Lisa P

    The technology has a “human touch”, especially the Back Office - it's efficient and easy to navigate and track your progress with contractors and invoices.

    The speed and ease of paying contractors is a real plus and one that always receives praise from our clients and candidates. 

    Lisa Pinhorne , Copello Global

We've retained 98% of our client-base in the last 2 years. 

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It was great to check in on Cagatay Kulekci of Noktada, his brand-new,...

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