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We take great pride in providing unparalleled customer support, which is why we're introducing you to the exceptional people who make up the 3R team. Meet Kajal, our digital marketing executive.

Kajal Kishor: Digital Marketing Executive

What is your job at 3R?

I joined 3R in 2021 as a digital marketing executive and my journey so far has been a great one, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot both about marketing in practice and recruitment. 

The most important part of my role is to build a deep understanding of our customers to make sure we’re meeting them where they are, understanding their needs, and showcasing how our solutions are here to support them and their businesses. I collaborate with our Head of Marketing, Kim Pritchard, to create informative content that educates and inspires recruiters about the latest developments within and around the recruitment industry.

How did you get into recruitment?

I was freshly out of my master’s degree in digital marketing applying to jobs when 3R found me and through 3R I have come to learn a lot about the recruitment industry. Through social media, I have really got to know more about recruitment agencies and I’ve been lucky enough to go to the recruitment agency expo and meet lots of inspiring people that I normally see on my LinkedIn feed. 

I'm still actively learning about recruitment but it's great to get involved through the content I create at 3R and by seeing the continuous development of our products to meet the needs of the market.

What do you enjoy most about the recruitment industry?

I love the creativity in the recruitment space, whether that be in the content creation, such as the podcasts and video content, or the methods that recruitment agencies use for building company culture. Particularly, as a marketer within the recruitment space, I enjoy seeing all the unique brands that existing and those that new recruitment agencies are coming up with. It’s great to see!

What’s the most inspiring part of your job?

The most inspiring part about my job is seeing the leads turn into happy satisfied customers - whether that be recruiters who set up their agencies with us and are building their dream businesses or those who transfer to us for a better experience both for the tech and the people. The wonderful feedback that we get is always encouraging.


What gets you out of bed every day?

There is always so much to do, so much to create that it doesn't get boring. Sometimes I'm creating a social post, a blog, a new guide or a videos and other times I'm working on our Christmas Party poster or the design for our branded deck chairs. It's always fun in marketing! 😄

What are your top 3 albums and why?

I love music so this is very hard to pick but I would say some of my top albums are:

  • Kendrick Lamar's - Good Kid, M.A.A.D City
  • The Weeknd's - Starboy
  • Travis Scott's - Astroworld
  • and J Cole's - 2014 Forest Hills Drive [there is no way I can stick to 3 albums]

Because they're all 'no skip' albums for me with very different vibes. 

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

I would have the power to manipulate probability, like Domino from X-men, so I could make sure the probability that I could buy something I want is always 100%! 😂

What do you get up to at the weekends?

Lots of dog walks and good times spent with my family and friends. 

 Here are some pictures of the best boy in the world:

                                                           2023-kajal-team-blog-lucky    2023-meet-kajal-lucky-3    2023-meet-kajal-lucky-2


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