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Since forming in 2013, we’ve built a passionate team of ex-recruiters, and specialists with recruitment expertise, capable of exceeding expectations.

Our mission is to help Specialist Recruitment Agencies thrive by providing unrivalled customer support, flexible funding, and intuitive technology.

It’s the diverse nature of our team that enables us to truly understand your needs, what drives you, what challenges you.

We’re always in it for the long-haul. With you. Together.

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To be the go-to Tech & Funding Solutions Partner for specialist recruitment agencies scaling in the UK and Internationally.


Every day we empower and enable passionate recruiters to grow multi-million-pound businesses.


Inspire Innovation

We always look to the future and how we can challenge ourselves to be better. For you, this means products and services that are market-leading and always helping you to achieve more.

Put People First

We know it’s all about relationships, working together through highs and lows. For you, this means people you can talk to, who will understand your situation, and will want to help.

Let's Grow Together

We have shared goals. When you succeed and grow, we do too. For you, this means transparency, and a commitment to deliver and exceed your expectations.

where you can find us


Swanwick Marina, 12 The Boat Yard, Swanwick Shore Road, Swanwick, Southampton SO31 1ZL


1980 Post Oak Boulevard #100 Houston Texas 77056 United States of America

Meet some of the team

Get to know our specialist team members, who are dedicated to driving innovation and sucess for 3R and our clients.


Dan Brogan

Managing Director

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Kim De-ath

Director of Client Experience

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Daniel Harfield

Client Partner

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Debbie CO

Debbie Stock

Head of Risk & Compliance

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Mike Bowler

Founder & Director

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Plamena CO

Plamena Zhekova

Head of Finance

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Alex CO

Alex O'Donovan

Head of Technology

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Kim Pritchard

Head of Marketing

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Tony Dyer

Finance Director

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Mike Colesante

USA Director of Operations

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Tom Dugan

USA Managing Partner

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My true passion is helping others and finding better ways of doing things. Our success is born from understanding recruitment processes and building systems that are intuitive and helpful. We’re continuing to grow and are excited to meet new people on our journey to achieving our vision.


Helping you to succeed

We've retained 96% of our client-base since 2019. Read about our client successes and experiences here.

{hs_id=154201363072, hs_child_table_id=0, summary=Transferring Contractors to 3R for accelerated growth in the UK and beyond. Hear about Areti's transfer journey, why they chose to partner with 3R and have never looked back since., hs_updated_at=1706127846074, hs_published_at=1706128033575, link=/case-studies/areti-group, hs_created_by_user_id=48639872, hs_created_at=1706126541569, hs_is_edited=false, hs_deleted_at=0, name=Areti Group, logo={url=https://3r.co.uk/hubfs/Case-Studies/Areti/areti-logo-black.svg, altText=, type=image}, hs_updated_by_user_id=48639872}
Areti Group

Transferring Contractors to 3R for accelerated growth in the UK and beyond....

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{hs_id=133735717495, hs_child_table_id=0, summary=Find out how 3R supported the successful start-up journey of Rob Woolcock and Jon Taylor of Sarto Thomas, from successful recruiters employed in a large firm to business owners., hs_updated_at=1706127839615, hs_published_at=1706128033575, link=/case-studies/sarto-thomas, hs_created_by_user_id=24683867, hs_created_at=1694083688691, hs_is_edited=false, hs_deleted_at=0, name=Sarto Thomas, logo={url=https://3r.co.uk/hubfs/Testimonials/Sarto%20Thomas/sarto-thomas-logo.svg, altText=, type=image}, hs_updated_by_user_id=48639872}
Sarto Thomas

Find out how 3R supported the successful start-up journey of Rob Woolcock and...

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{hs_id=127337998396, hs_child_table_id=0, summary=Catching up with the lovely team at Talent Locker to look at the fantastic growth they've experienced and how their relationship with 3R has developed since their inception in 2015., hs_updated_at=1706127832773, hs_published_at=1706128033575, link=/case-studies/talent-locker, hs_created_by_user_id=48639872, hs_created_at=1690529625244, hs_is_edited=false, hs_deleted_at=0, name=Talent Locker, logo={url=https://3r.co.uk/hubfs/talent-locker%20(1).png, width=265, height=91, altText=, type=image}, hs_updated_by_user_id=48639872}
Talent Locker

Catching up with the lovely team at Talent Locker to look at the fantastic...

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{hs_id=127303687075, hs_child_table_id=0, summary=We caught up with Karl Sweatman of Peaple Talent, an experienced IT Recruiter who took the leap to start up his own agency 18 months ago with financial and back-office support from 3R. , hs_updated_at=1706127823407, hs_published_at=1706128033575, link=/case-studies/peaple-talent, hs_created_by_user_id=48639872, hs_created_at=1690529457064, hs_is_edited=false, hs_deleted_at=0, name=Peaple Talent, logo={url=https://3r.co.uk/hubfs/Website/Logos/Peaple%20Talent%20Logo.png, width=650, height=135, altText=, type=image}, hs_updated_by_user_id=48639872}
Peaple Talent

We caught up with Karl Sweatman of Peaple Talent, an experienced IT Recruiter...

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