Contractor Funding & Payroll

Payroll & Client Invoicing sorted

We pay your contractors within 2 working days of an authorised timesheet, there are NO timesheet deadlines, so there’ll be no frustrated contractors waiting a week to get paid!

The automated authorisation process allows timesheets to be accessed and approved by any device, at any time. 

From contractor onboarding to IR35 compliance, your dashboard gives you real-time visibility and access to key financial contractor and client data.  

Recruiter payments are processed every Friday, alongside comprehensive weekly statements that are easily integrated into your Accountancy software such as XERO, Sage and QuickBooks.

How does it work?

Trust the process. 

  • recruiter

    Request Credit Check

    1. Fill in the company details 
    2. We will quickly run and provide an advisory limit.
  • recruiter

    Add Contractor

    1. Import contractor placement details from your CRM or fill in the form.
    2. Consolidated, weekly or monthly invoicing can also be actioned here. 
  • client

    Confirmation of Hire

    One-click 'confirmation' email to your client, confirming important start and invoicing details

  • contractor

    Submit Timesheet

    1. Contractors fill in their online timesheet
    2. Automatically goes to the requested client contact for authorisation


  • client

    Authorisation and Invoicing

    1. One-click timesheet and expenses authorisation
    2. Automated invoicing follows and contractor paid within 2 working days!
  • 3r-step

    Contractor Paid

    1. Contractor gets paid within 2 working days of an authorised timesheet.
    2. No more timesheet deadlines for you and your contractors!
  • 3r-step

    Recruiter Paid

    1. Recruiter pay every Friday with a detailed statement
    2. Leave the credit control to us!
    3. Use the easy-access reporting to monitor client payments in real-time!
  • recruiter

    Week view and Figuresheets

    1. Real-time, detailed financial data is easily accessible 
    2.  Line by line statements mean weekly business accounting is minimised.
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Customisable Dashboard

Back-office platform

A window to your back-office, our automated back-office platform is designed with simplicity and security in mind.  It integrates seamlessly with leading CRMs for an end-to-end solution. 

Recruiters can request credit checks and easily process invoicing, whilst our dedicated compliance and accounts team manage payroll, process client payments, and credit control.

The intuitive back-office platform is designed to interact with your clients and contractors at the right time. 

We have 95% 5*  feedback from contractors! 

Aged Debt Ipad 1

Risk and Legislation managed

Our platform and compliance team are there to minimise risk and fraud. We carry out detailed credit-checks quickly and up to 90% of the invoice value is covered with bad debt protection insurance.

For no extra cost, we ensure the platform is fit for purpose, in line with recruitment legislative changes.  Our recent upgrades include an IR35 determination functionality and a Statement of Works tool

Your data is stored on encrypted Microsoft Azure servers, with Symantec SSL certification, database geo-replication, and disaster recovery online back-up. 


Contractor and Client Insights

It's important to be able to support your contractors and clients with real-time, accessible reporting at your fingertips. 

Full audit trails of all activity, by all parties, are easily accessed in your week view, as well as, detailed reporting on your recruiters, clients, and contractors.

The benefit of our in-house development team means we can upgrade functionality of the back-office from the recommendations of our users! 


Migration As Simple as it should be

Our expert transfer team will work closely with you, following Invoice Finance and Asset Based Lending (IF/ABL) guidelines to audit your ledger and transfer your contractors.

We'll train you and your team on the back-office platform to ensure a positive experience for all involved.

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