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The complex made easy

The complexities of placing contractors in the United States is well documented, with different workforce laws at Federal, State and Local levels. The role of an Employer of Record (EoR) is to be your expert in this space.

With our EoR integrated US funding and contractor management solution, we've made the whole process simple. From end-to-end, you get full visibility of your contractors' status along with real-time financial data and reports.

We've come together to help you build your US business securely - with no need to increase head count immediately. It's growth, done the right way.

Workforce compliance

Lead & Gain, as an Employer of Record / Agent of Record are specialists in compliantly processing US Contractors. They have the recruitment knowledge and the state-by-state know-how to reduce any legal risks around your US workforce management and give you peace of mind.

Contractor Onboarding

Worker classification, FLSA and IRS compliance and documentation for W2, Corp 2 Corp, 1099 and Global Remote workers.

Timesheet Portal

A simple contractor portal for time and expense entry with fully automated approval management processes.

Contractor Payments

Insurance, compensation and benefit calculations with weekly payroll and all tax witholdings & filings taken care of.

Expert consultants

Ex-recruiters experienced in US contractor recruitment ready to help you scale your operations.

Employment law

Up-to-date knowledge of legally complex employment laws across all 50 states to tap into.

Complex clients

An inter-country team working to seemlessly to overcome the complexities of larger clients, RPOs and MSPs.

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Financial Compliance

You get actionable financial insight from 3R's back-office. You'll find best practice, speed and flexibility is built-in to everything - from client invoicing, purchase order, credit and debt management to line-by-line margin statements.

It's the same 'easy-to-use' recruiter interface customised for US placement onboarding with the EoR compliance step included.

Seamlessly integrating with Lead & Gain's time and expense portal, it caters to both client approvers and RPOs, providing full audit trails and contractor tracking.

A single, time-saving process...

Our integrated systems provide a hassle-free, automated US contractor management solution. It's quick and easy for Recruiters, Contractors and Clients to use.

  • recruiter

    1. Create Placement

    Get a fast client credit check and easily input or import placement details from your CRM.
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    EoR / AoR

    2. Onboard Contractor

    Submit your placement to Lead & Gain for due dilligence checks and to onboard your contractor compliantly.
  • client

    3. Confirm Hire

    Send a confirmation email to your client, allowing them to easily approve crucial information with just one click.
  • contractor

    4. Time & Expense Entry

    Timesheets and expenses are easily entered on the Lead & Gain Contractor Portal on the go, anywhere, any time.
  • client

    5. Approvals & Invoicing

    Automated reminders encourage quick approvals of timesheets and expenses so invoices can be released for payment.
  • 3r-step

    6. 3R Funding

    With all required information in place, funding is released to Lead & Gain. For any self-funded placements the recruiter sends funds.
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    EoR / AoR

    7. Contractor Paid

    Lead & Gain operate reliable muli-state contractor payroll, plus corporation and umbrella payments every week.
  • 3r-step

    8. Recruiter Paid

    Every Friday, without fail, recruiter margin is paid including detailed line-by-line statements.
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... supported by experts

As a fully outsourced service, you benefit from responsive in-country experts, ready and waiting to educate, solve challenges and issues and remove barriers to your success.

As service-led organisations we have dedicated account managers, risk and compliance, credit control and accounts teams as well as HR and contract support.

Recruitment is in our DNA, we're ex-recruiters, we've been there, and we get it! Our unrivalled customer service means you get back time to focus on what matters and build your business.

The technology has, of course, made the management of the business straightforward but something that is equally important is always having someone available to answer the phone and provide support."

Liam Squires, Director | Heathgate Search | H&S, Environment and Quality

Flexible Funding

If you would like to discuss our cost-effective, in-country US contractor funding and how it can help your business scale, please connect with our team.

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