Permanent Funding

Perm business financed or seamlessly administered

Our service offers a clear benefit to start-up's through to established businesses, who have self-financing, invoice discounting or factoring facilities already in place.

By having perm and contract business streamlined under one platform, you will have continuity in your service offering to your clients, save time and capture key financial reporting in one place.

If a candidate starts on a Monday we can have 100% of the invoice value paid to you that Friday! 

Our perm service offers ultimate flexibility, per placement.  You can choose between the ‘Paid on Invoice’ or the cheaper ‘Paid When Paid’ options.  Then manage your perm business according to cash-flow or client payment terms.

Invoices are insured against bad debt, so if the worst should happen and your client goes bust while we are waiting to be paid, you are covered.

"3R’s perm and contract funding capabilities have enabled us to scale the business and keep control of our cash flow" - Lisa Pinhorne, Copello

How it Works

  • recruiter

    Request Credit Check

    Simply fill in some basic Company details in the back-office and we will give you a credit check and limit, for no additional cost!

  • recruiter

    Add Placement

    Import from your CRM or complete the placement and invoicing details, on our back-office platform. 

    Then send the 'Confirmation of Hire' 

    The COH details important placement and invoicing information, to dedicated contacts and back-up contacts- directly to your client's inbox. 

  • client

    Placement approved

    Once you send the COH, an email will be sent to your dedicated approver (or back-up approver) and with one-click they can check and confirm the placement and invoicing details.

  • 3r-step

    Get paid

    Invoicing and credit control are managed for you automatically. 

    You will be paid every Friday with a detailed, line by line statement, giving you the key financial data you need.

  • recruiter

    Real-time Reporting

    Keep an eye on whether your client has paid, as real-time data for payments and credit-control will be  easily accessible. 

    In addition you can create and export bespoke, detailed financial reporting using the 'figuresheets' tool. 

Get Started
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Flexible options

Depending on your business cash flow, the client's payment terms or just because you want to, you can choose from the following invoicing options:

Paid on invoice-  Get paid when the invoice goes out on the first day of the person starting employment.

We then collect the cash, manage any credit-control and you have visibility on the back-office platform.

Paid when paid- so you get paid, when the client pays- our cheapest perm solution. 

You are charged an admin fee only, for credit- checking, back-office platform, invoicing, credit insurance and credit-control.  






Our platform and compliance team are there to minimise risk and fraud. We carry out detailed credit-checks, giving advisory limits. You are also have bad-debt protection insurance, up to 90% of the invoice value. 

For no extra cost, we ensure the platform is fit for purpose, in line with recruitment legislative changes.  Recent upgrades include a IR35 management tool and Statement of Works tool. 

Your data is stored on encrypted Microsoft Azure servers, with Symantec SSL certification, database geo-replication and disaster recovery online back-up. 


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