New US Contractor Funding & Management solution in partnership with Lead & Gain


3R and Lead & Gain, a US based Employer of Record (EoR), have joined forces to launch an end-to-end US Contractor Funding & Contractor Management Solution for SME Recruiters.

Both companies are excited about expanding their offerings to be able to support new and existing UK and US customers looking to explore the US contractor market, or those wanting to expand their current US contractor book.The new solution integrates Lead & Gain's US worker onboarding, compliance management and payment services with 3R’s US Funding and powerful back-office platform.

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Josh Gitman, Lead & Gain Co-Founder says, “Combining forces with a funding provider just made sense. We get a lot of questions from customers about funding options, and it felt like there was a gap in the market where someone needed to offer an integrated solution contractor/compliance management and funding. We aim to make managing contractors across the US as straightforward as possible for our customers; being able to provide an integrated EoR solution and funding platform ticks all the boxes for staffing firms who are looking for an end to end US solution that works for them”.

Since early 2023, when 3R met Lead & Gain at a TRN event in London, work was undertaken swiftly and collaboratively, leveraging both parties respective recruitment industry expertise to create a secure, compliance driven solution that required existing system customisations and full integration.

As Mike Bowler, 3R Founder says, “Like all successful business relationships I have had over the years – it just felt right! There was a synergy and an immediate, mutual excitement about the opportunity!

Both companies were also at the right stage in their respective development to recognise the benefit of working together. Relationships were quickly formed between the founders, and we have gone ‘All in’ to make this happen quickly.”

Mike continues, “Our target customer base of dynamic, rapidly growing, UK recruiters operating in the States, aligned perfectly. We also felt that we could go one better than two suppliers just working cooperatively together – in the US we are two suppliers working as one. Systems, processes, and people all working together seamlessly to create a unique, compliant, outsourced funding solution for any contract recruitment across the US.

We were both committed to technology and automation of processes and quickly agreed the basic concept of how both systems would integrate. The collaboration has worked smoothly throughout the development process. I’m proud of our teams’ hard work to bring this product to life.”

This partnership, and new solution, is rooted in building supply chain trust. It’s a simple, automated, time-saving solution that drives compliance, peace-of-mind and enables recruiters to scale their US operations securely.

Josh says “Miranda (Co-Founder) and I started this company because we believed there were better, and more innovative ways to provide US contractor onboarding and payment services, tailored specifically to staffing firms and to contractors. This integration plays to all our strengths and collective vision of providing the best and most comprehensive solutions for our customers. The teams have worked extremely hard to build something great, and we are all very proud of what has been achieved. We are excited to see customers take full advantage of it”. 

3R’s fully EoR integrated, US Funding and back-office solution has completed its successful Pilot with global technology recruitment company Xcede and is now available for all other interested recruiters in the UK or state-side. To find out more contact 3R on 01489 854 741.

Read More  |  3R US Funding   |   Employer of Record Back Office Interface

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