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Designed with simplicity and security in mind, our intuitive back-office platform integrates with leading CRMs to create an end-to-end solution for your consultants.

Capturing and managing key information is made easy with automated processes- from credit limits, time-sheets, and invoicing, to payroll and credit control.  Your data is accurately processed and recorded, in real-time. 

Contractors are paid within 2 working days and recruiters are paid every Friday with detailed statements. 

Flexible permanent funding options are also available and included within our comprehensive start-up package.

Just some of the features

Contractor Plan

Our back office platform clearly displays week-to-week contractor timesheets with real-time data and full authorisation audit trails.

Onboarding information can be easily accessed.

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Credit limits and Client Debt

You can quickly request credit checks via the back office. Our specialist team will then assess and provide with you a credit limit the same day.

If you have an urgent request, our team is available on the phone.

With one click, you can monitor credit limits and client debt with a real-time report on payments received. 

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The back-office dashboard gives you access to key data and contract and perm onboarding.  Designed with simplicity and security in mind.  It integrates seamlessly with leading CRM's for end-to-end solution.  

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Management Reporting

Quick and easy access to all your key financial data, over any period, with the option to filter by clients and consultants, perm, or contract.


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Built to be


Microsoft Azure hosting; Encrypted data transfer – Symantec SSL Certificate; Database Geo-replication; Disaster Recovery and online back-up inclusive. 


Designed from the bottom up, to allow recruiters do the important things quickly, while still retaining advanced features. 


Designed by recruiters for recruiters.  Information, actions and processes just make sense. 


With legal advice we can utilise our in-house dev team to update the back-office, in line with new legislation, for no additional cost. 

Most recently- HMRC Intermediary reporting and the IR35- 'Statement of Works' tool.


Online timesheets; online client authorisation, automated payroll and remittance. 

However, bespoke options are also available.

Cutting Edge

Reviewed often and updated in line with client recommendations, the back-office integrates with leading recruitment CRM's.

Latest features enable detailed integration with leading accountancy software such as XERO and Sage. 


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What our customers say

  • Karl S

    3R know how to manage my back-office securely, with credit-limits and bad-debt protection insurance I had security and peace of mind.

    An easy-to-manage C.O.H process with my client base, everyone's happy and informed, which makes invoicing and getting paid seamless.

    Karl Sweatman , Peaple Talent
  • Lisa P

    The technology has a “human touch”, especially the Back Office - it's efficient and easy to navigate and track your progress with contractors and invoices.

    The speed and ease of paying contractors is a real plus and one that always receives praise from our clients and candidates.

    Lisa Pinhorne , Copello Global
  • Cagatay K

    3R’s back office is super Intuitive. I’ve worked with 3R’s competitors previously and it wasn’t the case.

    Everything is 1 click away rather than 5, the dashboard has all you need but there are other ways to get to the right info, just as you need it. I said early on ‘It’s like you really understand recruitment’.

    Cagatay Kulecki , Noktada
  • Ethos Education Q Logo

    The back-office is so simple and easy to use, for all stakeholders. It barely needs any action or attention from me because it all works so smoothly – exactly how I want it!

    Simon Adams , Ethos Education

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