Our finance solutions provide the essential finance that a start-up recruitment company needs to grow a contract and perm business with the comfort of knowing that cash flow will not hamper the most ambitious growth plans.

When you start your business with 3R we pay your contractors weekly and pay your margin the same  week. If you choose to, we can also pay your perm fees the week that they are invoiced, rather than when a client pays in 30 days or more.

Our solutions are not just finance – we aim to increase efficiency, security and information management to recruiters as well as their clients and contractors. Our solution provides a paperless environment where contractors can upload hours worked and expenses in seconds; this generates a timesheet for a client’s approval. Once approved, contractor payments, recruiter payments, remittance notes and client invoices are all automatically generated. As a Recruiter the admin work is done for you, but you will still have a live ‘window’ on the system to see when everything happens and view the margins that you are generating.

We have two essential solutions – Contract and Permanent. Both offer 100% finance, Back Office management, invoicing, payroll, credit control and bad debt insurance.

Contract Finance

3R Finance pays your contractors by Faster Payment within two working days after an authorised timesheet is received.

No deadlines. No frustrated contractors who must wait a week to be paid having missed a deadline by an hour.

The automated authorisation process allows hours to be approved at any time, even when contractor and authoriser are in different locations.

When your Contractors are paid, your margin is calculated and paid on a weekly basis. Each weekly payment is clearly explained on a contractor-by-contractor statement, which is loaded weekly to your Back Office portal and stored for future reference.

Perm Finance

3R Finance can be used to finance Perm Fees, so that you can be paid the same week that an invoice is presented to your client, rather than waiting up to 60 days for payment.

Our perm service offers ultimate flexibility – choose your solution to suit each individual vacancy. With a simple tick box, select ‘Paid on Invoice’ or the cheaper ‘Paid When Paid’ option. Then manage your perm business according to your cash flow needs or depending on the payment terms agreed with your client.

If a candidate starts on a Monday we can have 100% of the invoice value in your bank account within 4 working days.

Not only do you receive your fees straight away, all invoices are insured against bad debt, so if the worst should happen and your client goes bust while we are waiting to be paid, you are covered!

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Case Studies

See for yourself how our start-up services have helped companies to grow.

Mexa Solutions

We worked with 3R to start our business in 2015. When choosing a partner to help start the business, it was important that we were not giving away equity or locked into a long-term agreement. At the end of our first year we sat down with 3R and agreed a tailored service for year 2. […]
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J2 Recruitment

Where do I start? 3R have been amazing! There are loads of finance companies out there but these guys offer so much more and it’s the little things that they do that make them stand out from the crowd; whether it’s asking for advice about a large tender or picking their brains about new technology […]
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After successfully utilising 3R’s Back Office systems for a number of months we decided to implement their CRM system following demonstrations from numerous other potential providers. We ultimately made the decision to go with 3R’s CRM system as it offers us a system that is easy to use, built for recruiters and is developed by […]
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