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Our easy-to-use CRM - 3RM, is specifically designed to power your recruitment start-up. 

It integrates into the 3R back-office platform to deliver an end-to-end process of managing your recruitment business.  

We are able to introduce new features and integrations, often recommended by 3RM users, utilising our in-house development team.

Working closely with our legal team, our developers are able to ensure the platform is updated with new legislative features to support.

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3RM features

CV Parsing

We have incorporated the most efficient CV parsing tools into our system.  

Simply drag and drop CVs within Outlook and candidate records are automatically created on the 3RM, populating key contact information and attaching the CV to the record.

We can also support you with bespoke data transfers of candidate and client information. 

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CV Parsing Macbook

Vacancy Management

Manage your candidates through the Recruitment process with the option of intuitive auto-generated emails, ready to send- Terms of Business, interview letters, and relevant Contracts.

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Applications Macbook

Auto-matching tool

A new feature of the 3RM is our auto-matching tool, which works by grouping your candidates, clients, and vacancies to curate a relevant list of matches automatically.

In addition to this candidate filtering is easy to set up and use with Google radius searching, previous job titles or companies worked for as well as the ability to search via keywords or the CV itself. 

You can then use the mailshot/text messaging template to reach out to them quickly! 

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Additional Features

Cloud-based system

Your secure, real-time data is accessible on any device — all you need is internet connection.

Integrated microsoft Email

Automatically records in and outbound emails and automatic generation of client, candidate and compliance emails; populated in your drafts ready for you to use. 

Quick Filtering for SMS and mailshots

Broadcast new vacancies, updates, news and even send top CVs within minutes with our easy-to-use mailshot template. 

Intuitive Vacancy Management

Manage your candidates through the vacancy process with optional automatic emails and a compliant audit trail in their notes. 

Automated Contract Generation

Automatically populate relevant legal contracts — Your Terms of Business, Umbrella, LTD contractor, PAYE etc. to protect all parties.

Data Migration

Let us populate your contacts, from LinkedIn or other sources, quickly and efficiently for no additional cost. 


Reporting tools are available to help you to efficiently monitor and manage your and your team’s time and activity. 

Calendar & Microsoft Office Integration

Set important call-backs, tasks, interviews and  vacancy updates automatically in your Office Calendar.

Account Management and IT Helpdesk

You can count on support from your dedicated Account Manager and Helpdesk team. Our response times and customer service is unrivalled! 

3RS Checklist CTA 11


Use our recruitment start-up checklist to:

  • Tick tasks off as you go
  • Ensure you've covered all the elements you need for a successful start to your recruitment business
  • Make sure you haven't missed anything



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We draw upon our recruitment experience, in-house services and trusted partners to create a  tailored package that's right for you!

Tell us what you need to either launch or scale your recruitment business.

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Client Successes

Don't just take our word for it! we've retained 98% of our client-base in the last 2 years. 

Read about our client successes and experiences of working with us here. 

{hs_id=127303687079, hs_child_table_id=0, summary=As a successful and driven recruiter, Liam spent a lot of time and hard work building and developing new, strong relationships with a variety of clients. However, quickly he recognised that despite his efforts, he would receive a small percentage of the fee., hs_updated_at=1690529619738, hs_published_at=1706128033575, link=/case-studies/heathgate-search, hs_created_by_user_id=48639872, hs_created_at=1690529583599, hs_is_edited=false, hs_deleted_at=0, name=Heathgate Search, logo={url=, width=974, height=1280, altText=, type=image}, hs_updated_by_user_id=48639872}
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As a successful and driven recruiter, Liam spent a lot of time and hard work...

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Catching up with the lovely team at Talent Locker to look at the fantastic...

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We caught up with Karl Sweatman of Peaple Talent, an experienced IT Recruiter...

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It was great to check in on Cagatay Kulekci of Noktada, his brand-new,...

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